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When The Biogas Generator Is Running Abnormally

Weifang Yidaneng Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

When the Biogas Generator is running abnormally
Biogas Generator as one of the Biogas Generator, the fuel gas for the biogas, the main combustion component of methane. If the use of gas power generation, the main components and content of fuel have changed, the need to configure a different ignition and air-fuel ratio have changed.
Biogas Generator can only use biogas in theory, and the amount of methane that can be adapted is typically 35% to 75%.
If gas is used for power generation, it is advisable to provide the gas generator generator with a gas content table that calculates the optional models and the rated power for the use of such gas.
The main components of the gas are methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc., the ignition and compression ratio or slightly higher than other types of Biogas Generator.
If the Biogas Generator fails, the operator should carefully and timely analysis of the characteristics of the failure to determine the reasons for its occurrence. Under normal circumstances should be based on the following criteria to find the cause of the fault:
1) When the Biogas Generator is running abnormally, it can be used to judge which part or which system is faulty.
"Look" - observe the instrument readings, exhaust smoke and water, gas, oil changes;
"Listen" - with slender metal rods or wooden handle screwdriver as a "stethoscope" into the engine surface and the corresponding parts of the "auscultation" movement of the sound and its changes;
"Touch" - with the fingers feel check valve parts and other parts of the work and engine vibration;
"Sniff" - smell the smell of the engine with the smell of the place where there are abnormal smell.
When the Biogas Generator suddenly fails or has identified the cause of the failure and the failure will affect the normal work of the engine, it should be timely parking check, can not immediately identify the cause of the failure, the need for the first low-speed engine operation and then observe the analysis Find out why, to avoid a huge accident.
When the judge is a large fault or Biogas Generator suddenly self-parking, that should be promptly seized and maintenance.
Based on the working principle of the Biogas Generator, it is difficult to muffle with the method of reducing the sound source noise. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively block the noise transmission route. The core of the silencer technology is the use of sound waves in the propagation of the law of natural attenuation to reduce the noise of pollution. Specific ways to reduce noise are the following: sound absorption, sound insulation and change the direction of noise propagation. In the practical engineering applications are often only one of them, this paper uses three methods and the use of measures for the Biogas Generator proposed a new combination of noise reduction technology. In the case of
Combination of muffler original muffler to resist the main sound, power consumption, muffler effect is not ideal. After careful demonstration, the application of three combined noise reduction technology, the muffler into a new modular muffler. The main components of the combined muffler are muffler cavities, porous muffler and sound absorbing insulation layer and sound absorption resonator. Sound source through the first stage of the muffler vibration chamber, the low-frequency sound source can be fully resistant to noise dissipation. The two-stage porous resistive muffler can eliminate most of the high-frequency noise, increase the muffler's adaptability to high frequency, and in the cavity with high-performance sound-absorbing material, the noise can be fully absorbed and changed, Thus maximizing the consumption of noise energy. The third stage is a specially designed exhaust pipe with a resonance plate, which is further muffled by the vibration of the sheet. The muffler of the new muffler, the frequency range of the muffler frequency (mainly the frequency range of the peak volume of the muffler) and the three indexes of the resistance loss are better than the original muffler. In addition, the muffler size suitable, structural rigidity, easy installation, and has the function of suppressing the regeneration noise. And the rear of the sound-absorbing sound insulation layer with anti-corrosion properties, can effectively overcome the low temperature dew point of the flue gas corrosion, extending the life of the Biogas Generator muffler.