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The Performance Of Diesel Generator Is Closely Related To Diesel Combustion

Weifang Yidaneng Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

The performance of Diesel Generator is closely related to diesel combustion
Diesel Generator through the diesel combustion to obtain generator power generation, resulting in electricity to meet the normal demand for power. So the performance of Diesel Generator and diesel combustion is closely related. If the Diesel Generator diesel fuel consumption rate to reach the highest to help the use of Diesel Generator units or enterprises to reduce power generation costs, has become the most concerned about the customer.
Diesel Generator brand technical staff summed up to improve the fuel consumption rate of the best way is to adjust the unit fuel supply system. That is, after the normal operation of the Diesel Generator for 400 hours or the fuel injection pump-governor assembly, the fuel supply advance angle is corrected when calibrated and reassembled. The adjustment method of the fuel supply advance angle is as follows:
First, remove the high pressure tubing of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump and governor, and lock the handle on the governor at the maximum fuel supply position of the Diesel Generator.
Second, according to the direction of operation of the Diesel Generator to pull the flywheel, in the rotation process to observe the first fuel tank fuel supply situation, when the first cylinder of oil has just fluctuated to stop turning the crankshaft.
In the end, if the fuel supply on the flywheel corresponds to the fuel supply on the flywheel and the fueling angle specified by the model Diesel Generator, the two locking screws on the fuel injection pump can be released and the crankshaft The pointer is within the specified range of the angle, fasten the two fixed screws can be.
The Diesel Generator oil supply system can be adjusted to ensure maximum diesel fuel consumption rate, which not only improve the performance of Diesel Generator and customers can save costs.
Diesel Generator in the daily use will inevitably appear such a small problem, as the user how to quickly and accurately determine the problem, in the first time to solve the problem, reduce losses and better maintenance of Diesel Generator do? Here to explain to you in the daily use of Diesel Generator abnormal sound of the reasons and solutions.
1. When you hear an abnormal sound during the operation of the Diesel Generator, first determine where the sound is coming from, such as the inside of the valve compartment, the inside of the body, the front cover, the junction of the generator and the Diesel Generator Or inside the cylinder. When the identification of parts, it is necessary according to the working principle of Diesel Generator to judge.
2, when you hear abnormal sound inside the body, you should quickly shut down, open the body of the Diesel Generator side cover, hand pushed the middle of the connecting rod, if the sound in the upper part of the connecting rod, this time can be concluded that the piston and Connecting rod copper sleeve failure. If the sound is found in the lower part of the connecting rod during the shaking, it can be concluded that the gap between the connecting rod and the journal is too large or the crankshaft itself is faulty.
3, when heard abnormal sound in the upper part of the body or inside the valve room, you can think that the valve clearance is not properly adjusted, the valve spring break, rocker seat loose or valve putter is not placed in the tappet center position.
4, when you hear the unusual sound in the front cover of the Diesel Generator, the general can be considered a variety of gear gap is too large, loose gear nut loose, or there are individual gear gear teeth.
5, when the abnormal sound in the Diesel Generator and generator junction, it can be considered a Diesel Generator and generator internal interface apron failure.
6, when the abnormal sound from the cylinder inside, you can conclude that the oil advance angle adjustment improper or piston and cylinder liner wear gap increases.
7, when you hear the Diesel Generator to stop the generator inside the rotation of the sound, you can think of the generator internal bearing or individual pin loose.
To ensure that the piston is well cooled, to avoid damage to the cylinder wear; while its reasonable sump arc length, can guarantee the best oil supply, both to ensure reliable cooling, but also to avoid oil waste and excessive diesel engine oil on the engine work Negative impact. The connecting rod is provided with a positioning protrusion so that the connecting rod can be assembled in a reasonable position so that the connecting rod trough groove part avoids the heavy load force zone and ensures that the connecting rod wear is small.