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Oil Leakage Solution And Prevention Of Diesel Generator

Weifang Yidaneng Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Oil Leakage Solution and Prevention of Diesel Generator
Diesel Generators are sometimes leaking phenomenon, especially some domestic brands of Diesel Generators, oil spill phenomenon often occurs, then how do we analyze the oil spill site, and then solve this problem? Diesel Generator manufacturers to introduce you to the following solutions:
1, the oil pressure is too high, also caused by static joint surface oil leakage. In the case of
2, the purchase or homemade paper pad quality does not meet the requirements, such as the thickness is not enough, or improper storage, wrinkle deformation, or assembly do not pay attention to clean, stained with dust and impurities, these are the reasons for oil spills.
3, the static joint surface itself quality, it is mainly by the processing equipment itself, the accuracy and storage and transportation conditions. If the equipment is high precision, the surface of the static joint surface, roughness can meet the design requirements of the drawings, and in the storage and transportation process to prevent bumps, etc., is not difficult to achieve the static joint surface completely sealed. But because some manufacturers equipment accuracy and process level is relatively low, storage and transportation conditions and management level can not be completely guaranteed no bumps scratch.
4, maintenance and operation of poor technical skills. At present, Diesel Generators are generally self-repair, because the level of repair technology can not keep up, self-study often appear in this or that problem, especially when the machine is not aware of the method, the lack of special tools to make parts deformation, or even damage. Due to deformation of parts, causing oil spills. At present, the general dismantling method with the main bearing seat cover bolts, screw into the main bearing cover on the diagonal removable screw hole, the top of the main bearing seat cover. In the disassembly process is difficult to achieve the synchronization of the two bolts, which is caused by the main bearing seat cover the main reason.
Diesel Generator coupling damage to the root causes of the product quality problems, the main use of the machine is not properly, maintenance is not timely, incorrectly caused. Here are a few steps to extend the service life of the occasional measures for reference.
1, Diesel Generators strict implementation of the fuel precipitation filtration system, filling the diesel should be at least 48 hours after the precipitation can be used. The diesel fuel used should meet the standard type specified in the season. Refueling tools should be cleaned. Refueling and storage of the place should also be clean, so that dirt mixed with fuel and accelerate the wear and tear even wear, reduce the even life.
2, the development of Diesel Generators strict technical maintenance standards, fuel filter work 100 hours, the fuel tank work 500 hours each cleaning time, if found filter failure should be replaced in time, not to be removed and the use of DC fuel supply. Even under normal working conditions for 500 hours should be disassembled once. In the demolition inspection to ensure that places, hands, tools and cleaning oil to clean, so as to avoid contamination. In the demolition operation shall not be chaos to fight, in the cleaning of Diesel Generators do not mess up, and other non-even pieces should be washed together to avoid bruises, abrasions. In the assembly of Diesel Generators are not free to change the assembly position to achieve some of the objectives of the work does not meet the requirements of the machine. When installing the oil valve tight seat and the nozzle cap, tighten it according to the specified torque to ensure that the assembled fuel injector and fuel injection pump are in good condition.
3, in addition to the above requirements, but also should improve the understanding of Diesel Generators, understand the structure of the occasional characteristics and working principle, to strengthen and improve the maintenance of the dual parts, the use of operations, so no trouble to adjust , The maintenance of the use of free to disassemble, maintenance check when no chaos to fight, cleaning and maintenance of Diesel Generators do not rub rub, the assembly adjustment chaos twist twist, all according to standard technical requirements to achieve extended service life the goal of.