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Is The Natural Gas Generator Common To The Engine Of The Diesel Generator

Weifang Yidaneng Power Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Is the Natural Gas Generator common to the engine of the diesel generator
Natural Gas Generators use the engine and diesel engine difference is:
1, fuel supply system
(LPG engine), pressure reducer (CNG engine) and other related parts of LPG or CNG are added to the fuel injection system of the original diesel engine.
2, ignition system
Diesel engine is a compression ignition engine, and LPG and CNG due to fuel Natural Gas Generator characteristics (anti-detonation performance) is used with the same way as the gasoline engine. After canceling the injector, change the injector hole on the front cylinder head to the spark plug hole. After canceling the oil pump, Natural Gas Generator an ignition transmission device is installed in the installation position of the crude oil pump, and the ignition timing signal of the engine is obtained by the ignition timing sensor. An ignition system consisting of ignition modules, ignition coils and spark plugs has been added.
3, the control system
LPG engine and CNG engine with electronic control, compared with the original mechanical diesel engine, the operating conditions of the air-fuel ratio, ignition advance angle Natural Gas Generator, boost pressure to achieve a more precise control, to meet these control requirements, an increase of the corresponding MAP, MAT, ECT, ignition timing and oxygen concentration and other sensors
4, compression ratio
The choice of compression ratio is closely related to the anti-knock performance of the fuel. The anti-knock performance is measured by the octane number of the fuel. The higher the octane number Natural Gas Generator , the better the anti-knock performance, and the several fuels The order is: diesel, CNG (methane), propane, butane (LPG is a mixture of propane and butane) and gasoline. According to this fuel characteristics, the general CNG engine compression ratio than the LPG engine is higher than the diesel engine is low, and LPG engine compression ratio can be slightly higher than the gasoline engine, of course, because LPG is a mixture of propane and butane, mixed ratio also affect its The choice of compression ratio.
On the basis of the diesel engine to improve the Natural Gas Generator design for the LPG and CNG engine, in order to reduce the compression ratio need to increase the combustion chamber volume, due to the diesel engine cylinder head structure is generally no room for change, only the piston on the combustion chamber volume increases. Therefore, LPG and CNG engines in order to meet the compression ratio requirements, have increased the combustion chamber volume.
So Natural Gas Generators and diesel generators can not be a general engine.
Natural Gas Generator before starting, should first add oil to the oil pan to the provisions of the oil surface position, to the cooling system filled with coolant, check the electrical starting system circuit wiring is correct, the battery is sufficient. You must also check the airway. First open the gas supply valve, check the pipeline connection is reliable. If the regulator is installed in the pipeline, it should also open the bottom of the sewage valve, let go of the regulator tank dirt, remove the air. Close the drain valve.
Check the pressure gauge on the gas line to indicate whether it is normal and open the gas generator gas inlet valve. Turn on the power switch, so that the governor idler rated switch in idle state start Natural Gas Generator. Until the water temperature rose to 60 ℃, oil pressure higher than 120kPa, the engine speed to work speed.
For new machines or parked for more than 5 days without the use of Natural Gas Generators, start the crankshaft before starting 3 to 5 turn. For normal use as a Natural Gas Generator, in order to facilitate the rapid start in the emergency operation, during the parking period, every 3 to 5 days should start the test run once to the water, oil temperature up to 60 ℃ above.